What is 123/20?

In 1998, I began something which I hadn't even dreamed of doing until it was actually happening. I began regularly running marathons. Over the next two decades, I approached the starting line of a 26.2 miles race at least once per year. By 2018, I had completed 123 of them.

Reaching this milestone over the past 20 years has made me eager to share my experiences, observations, and lessons with others pursuing similar accomplishments. In search of a nice round number of posts to share, I decided on writing 100 short stories.

Simply put, 123/20/100 consists of 100 stories about 123 marathons completed in 20 years—but it is also my challenge to YOU.

By sharing my personal experiences from two decades of running, traveling, planning, training, and eating, I hope I can help motivate you to pursue an active lifestyle filled with personal records and accomplishments of your own.

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